Important Update about Province Wide Lockdown

Hey Dancers!

As many of you know by now, Ottawa is part of the 28-day lockdown announced by the Ontario Provincial Government. Although it is disappointing that Ottawa had to be included, despite receiving praise for getting our local numbers down, we understand that this is to protect us and the neighbouring communities in both Ontario and Quebec.

A 28-day lockdown over the New Year is difficult. We recognize that throughout this pandemic many of you have been affected. Whether it be your mental health, being isolated from loved ones, or losing loved ones. To look ahead to the first 3 weeks of January in yet another lockdown is likely a troubling forecast. We want you to know that we see you, and we are here to help in whatever way we can. Dance is one of the purest forms of joy and so we will be doing everything we can to make dance accessible to you throughout the lockdowns.

Here’s what we will be offering over the coming weeks

  • All private lessons can be moved online. Some of you are familiar with the set up, but for those of you who have never tried it, we encourage you to give it a shot. All you need is a little bit of space, an internet connection, and the same willingness to learn that you bring to your in-studio sessions.

  • We have 9 online group topics available. From Rhythm and Latin, to Soul & Country Line Dancing, to Burlesque to Latin Dance Fitness, to Strength & Conditioning for dance - there is likely a topic for you. The winter session will begin the week of January 11th and these sessions are open to all skill levels.

  • Virtual Custom Dance Parties: If you and up to 10 friends are looking for a fun way to connect during the lockdown, we can put together a custom dance party for you. Purchasing 1 package covers the cost of logins for you and your friends, and the time with the teacher learning any style of dance you would like! This light-hearted event is a great way to hang out with friends, bond with work colleagues, or get the family together.

  • Bundled Up and Dancing in the park: We are looking into renting gazebos to offer safely-distanced, outdoor dance lessons. It will be a fun way to socialize safely, get fresh air, and of course - dance!

If you have an existing in-studio package, we would love to work with you to find a way to continue providing value to you. This means you do not need to purchase anything new if you are currently a student of ours. We will simply have to get creative and work as partners to find a solution that works best for you! Although the learning format is new, we have been teaching virtually since the beginning of the pandemic. By continuing your dance lessons online not only are you giving yourself a chance to dance your way through this lockdown, but you are also supporting our teachers and giving them a chance to connect with their students and share their passion for dance.

None of us wanted another lockdown, but if this is what it takes to get COVID-19 under control in this province and bring us closer to a future without restrictions, stress, and fear, then we are happy to follow the guidelines.

If there is any other way that we can help you throughout this time, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are a community, and at times like these it takes the coordinated effort of communities like ours to make the changes that need to be made.

We are open for in-studio private lessons up to and including Wednesday, December 23rd. Our Christmas Break for the teachers is December 24 up to and including January 3.

Thank you again for being such a valued part of our Dancing Family! We will get through this together!!

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