Dance Wellness Weekend
Deerhurst Resort
Save the Date - June 16-19, 2022
This gives us a goal to look forward to. We will be making it more of dance wellness weekend with competing time as well. Please save the dates. We are working creatively with our partners to help us put on a fantastic and glamorous special event that will live up to our high standard of excellence.  Stay tuned for how these competition and large gathering events will be evolving!
"All of life's journeys begin with one step.  Dancing is no exception.  It is one things to learn steps and sequences in the studio and an entirely different experience to take these onto THE dance floor.  Competition is in fact more about going well beyond your comfort zone and then discovering that your inner dancer loves the stage.  This year, competition also came with an added dimension.  My daughter and my father were on hand for the event.  We all share a love of music and a love of dance.  It is also important for me that my daughter see her mother in different spheres, learning, and enjoying.  Better yet, having the opportunity to dance with my father was a most memorable and special moment.  The lights, the music, the ballroom, all made for magic.  We have come a long way in our journey as father and daughter and dance has been integral element.  It is true, one will never regret learning to dance!"
- Ginette


 We want the experience to bring you all the wonderful benefits competing can offer: 

See an immediate improvement in your dancing
Be part of a team
Have a chance to win something
Take your dancing on the road
Be around people who share a similar interest
Build your confidence
Experience the glitz and glamour
Have an all-inclusive weekend away
A chance to shine and show off
Create a lasting memory
Be pushed outside your comfort zone
Have a goal to work towards

    Most of all, HAVE FUN!

    Reminiscing about past competitions: