We Love Our Virtual Lessons!

"The virtual lessons give me a good chance to work on my technique and give me a better understanding of how the step patterns supposed to be done." - Jocelyne

"We see virtual ballroom dancing lessons as a fun way for us to exercise body and mind during the social distancing regime, and perhaps beyond as a convenient supplement to in-studio lessons.  What may be lost in not having direct contact with our teacher in the studio is made up for by the convenience of the teacher with us at home via Zoom.  The virtual aspect makes for efficient use of the allotted 45 minute time slot for the lesson.  We get down to business from the get-go. Every minute of the screen time is harnessed efficiently for our lesson. With the Zoom set-up, we can see clearly the steps and moves that are being demonstrated.  And we can be seen clearly enough for the instructor to offer guidance as we dance.  Taking virtual lessons, besides their practicality and efficiency, has led us to practice our dancing far more at home than when we began lessons at the studio.  During the pandemic constraints, the virtual lessons have enabled us to pursue our enjoyment of dancing." - Rick & Leila

"I signed up for the virtual dance lessons to review the patterns that I had previously learned in-studio. In my case, the lessons are without a partner.  I like the virtual dance lessons because it helps me focus on very specific aspects of leading the dance patterns. Not having an actual partner with me is both a challenge and a benefit.  Since I must visualize where my partner is throughout the pattern, I learn how my leading technique (frame, position, actions) benefit my partner's ability to follow.  Even not having music is beneficial because I can focus on the elements rather than the timing. It is, of course, different than dancing with a partner, but augments my understanding of leading technique in a unique and fun way." - Mark

"We had just started taking dance lessons before the COVID lockdown and were really happy to continue learning via virtual lessons. Online lessons have allowed us to keep learning, practicing, improving and having fun together through a difficult time. We are really grateful for the studio’s flexibility in making this option available." - Bela & Cynthia

"After taking in-person lessons for three years, we were pleasantly surprised by how the studio and our teachers were able to shift their approach to allow us to continue our lessons from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we do now miss out on the "night out", the remote option has given us the opportunity to show off our dancing to our kids and reduce the travel time to and from our lessons. Using Zoom, our teachers have been able to share music, watch us dance and provide feedback. We have had a ton of fun and have even managed to learn and perfect some new steps. Who would've thought that we could fit the Viennese Waltz in our living room?" - Cameron & Sophie

"The teachers at Fred Astaire were quick to turn to virtual classes when the world changed. It was a joy to still be able to dance from home and not stop doing something I love when I couldn't do other activities. We are able to focus on technique and on aspects of my dancing that I didn't even know I was struggling with until I no longer had a partner. As I work through the patterns with my teacher watching virtually, I'm able to focus on where I'm weaker in the step and in the last four months I've seen a huge stride in my dancing. I've gotten stronger, more precise and my cuban motion has improved in spades. And the new group classes are introducing topics I never would have thought could help with my ballroom but they've enhanced my private lessons. We may be dancing apart, but I'm not dancing alone. Thank you to all the amazing teachers for making this experience an easy transition. They never lost their positive attitude." - Alex