"Time flies when you're having fun"

"We've now been dancing for almost 4 years and cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by thanks to all the fun we have with the Fred Astaire Ottawa team. For us, it was something that started on a whim. We were looking for an activity to do together and never expected that dancing would fit but it's been a great addition to our lives. When we're stressed and tired and have had enough of our work days, our weekly lessons are a welcomed distraction. We'll often walk in with the world on our shoulders but always come out having had a laugh and feeling better. It's been fantastic to see how much we've learned and to push new boundaries such as performing floor shows and even competing. We love that the skills we've gained with Fred Astaire will serve us for many years until we're old and gray. We've recommended the team to friends and family and hope lots more folks will take a chance and discover the fun to be had."

- Andrew & Heloise