Virtual Custom Dance Parties - great for team-building with co-workers, celebrating a birthday or anniversary or special occasion!

If you and your colleagues, friends and/or family are looking for a fun way to connect (and dance) during the lockdown, we can put together a custom dance party for you. Purchasing 1 package covers the cost of 10 logins for you and your peeps and the time with the teacher learning any style of dance you would like! This light-hearted event is a great way to hang out with friends, bond with work colleagues, or get the family together.  Let's all do our part to enjoy each other's company, dance, have fun and stay safe & healthy!

Testimonials from previous Custom Dance Parties:

“The Fred Astaire studio has been a breath of fresh air to my hiking group!
We signed up for custom virtual group lessons on a whim not knowing what to expect! Well it has been a blast! Miss Denise has come up with themes for us as we are a mixed group, we have singles, couples, non dancers, a friend recovering from surgery. Well let me tell you it has been the highlight of our week! We dance, we laugh, we socialize, and we totally forget what is happening in the world. We always look forward to booking our next one!
Thanks from the hiking group! Let’s keep dancing! - Lynne

“Our virtual dance lessons with Fred Astaire Ottawa have been a weekly ray of sunshine in a gloomy year. So when it came time to celebrate our 10th anniversary during lockdown, we knew we would enjoy a virtual dance party. But what about our friends and family? "Thoroughly enjoyed your celebrations!", "Such a good time. Such a good idea." "Haven't laughed so much in ages.", "That was so much fun! Still can't do the floss though." The dance content was accessible for everyone, while keeping us all on our toes. And the overall experience was personal, memorable, and laugh out loud hilarious. Thank you so much! - Deb and Stew

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