"Hugely positive impact on our relationship"

"For years we talked about learning to dance together, and never followed through.  We both loved music, but could never enjoy it at events beyond the “hug and shuffle”.  We eventually took the plunge on a 5-lesson package, and have never looked back.  We love to be able to take the time together for ourselves.  We love to be able to learn a new skill with each other.  We love being able to show off our abilities at various functions.  Most of all, we love an opportunity to touch each other, and work together as a partnership.  Life is so hectic, to be able to take some time out of each week and really connect in a physical and mental way has had a hugely positive impact on our relationship.  We love the team at Fred Astaire, who have really taken the time to get to know us and help us achieve our dancing goals, and who have been extremely proactive throughout the pandemic to help us keep dancing.  We recommend dancing with the Fred Astaire team unreservedly.  We cannot express our enjoyment of our dancing activities strongly enough."

- Steve & Eva


Watch Steve & Eva perform the Laendler at the Holiday Formal 2019